LabLimes specialises in the production of high quality images for science publications, journalism and for promoting scientific content. We highlight the work of real scientists in their labs and workshops so you don’t have to see another cheesy stock photograph.

We have a range of photographs taken in real labs with real experiments but we also do requests. Do you want something specific like an abstract photo that represents your research? Let us know and we’ll go out and take it.

We’re a small company. You could say, we’re a boutique. Most stock photography sites are huge virtual warehouses bursting with photos, the trouble is everybody has them. Everyone publishing scientific content has the same staged scientist (model) staring intensely into a colourful test tube.

We don’t do that. All of our photos are special and real. The best ones haven’t even been dreamed up or taken yet, that’s where you come in.

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Who are we?

Laurent Mekul is a professional photographer with a background in Astrophysics. His work has been featured on the front cover of Nature as well as numerous magazines covering topics from art to technology. Laurent regularly exhibits his work in galleries around Europe.

Ben Libberton is a science communicator at a particle accelerator with a PhD in Microbiology. He has authored several peer-reviewed publications and regularly holds workshops on science communication, specialising in using social media to disseminate research.